Custom digital solutions tailored to your needs

The secret of our successful stories is in the approach to creating a solution. Based on the goals, we create a performance strategy that will bring maximum user experience.

Web pages
Planning and developing an effective website requires thorough planning and a clear strategy. From the initial consultation to product implementation, we work closely with the subscriber to provide an efficient, responsive and SEO optimized solution that meets customer requirements and works well in all browsers and devices.

Web applications
We are developing complex and customizable web applications that are custom-built on the latest web technologies. By choosing the right technology, we build a web application that does not lag behind on mobile platform at the level of interactivity and usability. We handle our services with an innovative design and in-depth planning of a user experience that suits each individual solution or activity.

Web shops
On the PrestaShop platform, or Wordpress (via WooCommerce), we quickly and efficiently build your online store. We customize the selected theme to fit your business closely and you can immediately start your business online. For simplicity, we connect the online store to the ERP system, or through additional solutions, integrate with Google or Microsoft 365 solutions.

Mobile applications
As experienced developers of mobile applications, we are developing solutions for various devices and platforms in different sectors. The development of the mobile application is fully adapted to the requirements of the client and we provide the maximum user experience. Regardless of which platform you choose, Android or iOS, we develop an independent mobile application for you to complement the existing web application.


Research and analysis
Using a variety of tools in the first step, we always carry out a thorough research. Regardless of whether we are building a new online solution or upgrading existing ones, we always review available indicators and data: analytics, keyword research, competitor overview, state of user technology.

User definition
Web solutions are built for end users, so one of the key steps is to define typical users. Who are they? What will they use for a particular web solution? Is the chosen solution suitable for them? All these details build the profile of the potential user, taking into account this profile throughout the implementation process, we provide an ideal user experience.

Strategy design
The web solution needs to be brought closer to the user in the right way, so in this step, we take into account the information obtained from the first two steps, and on the basis of this, we form a strategy of execution.

Technical documentation
Information architecture is a demanding technical design that needs to be well-designed, which in the future allows for easy adjustments and upgrade options. We have extensive experience in designing a variety of challenging web solutions.

Wireframe and mock-up
Before using the design, we focus on content and hierarchy of information or functionality that give the best position to the most important elements. We focus on critical areas and the strategy we have set, taking into account the size of the screens and user behavior in different situations.

UI / UX design
Our online solutions are much more than just code. In the first place, the solution must be easy to use, so each line and color in the design pursues the goal of simple impeccable usability.

We take into account all screen sizes from the largest monitor to the smallest smartphone. For certain screen sizes, we make strategic decisions, as users may have different expectations about the particular device and the purpose of its use. All our web sites are built with "responsive design" technology.

Before starting to create content, we review the customer's brand guidelines so that when using the web solution, the user will hear a single message that the brand communicates. With our online solutions, you will be provided with a web-based tool to best describe your brand within the budget set.

SEO strategy
When creating a website or online store, SEO is a key component of success on the web. Keyword research, competitor reviews, strategic content placement, and more will ensure that your new online solution is ready to compete with competitors on the market.

Page loading optimization
In the planning process, we take steps to ensure that your website is loaded as quickly as possible. Optimizing images, data tables, and other content helps prevent slow page loading.

Custom solutions
Through past projects, we have developed various own solutions that enable us to lift the customer's solution to an even higher level. Regardless of whether you need a specific search engine, specific customization, integration with different platforms and social networks, or something completely new, we can build a solution specific to your needs.

Clear and documented code
We strive to write and document clear code. Our commitment to ongoing research guides us to find best practices and regularly test the innovations of browsers and devices that our users regularly use.

One of the most important parts of the development process is frequent and thorough testing. Through the whole process of development, we test the solution, with the goal of working properly on different devices for different users.

Hosting and maintenance
We provide you with reliable hosting and maintenance of your online solution.

Conversion optimization
We monitor the web site or online store over time and suggest further improvements in the usability and upgrade options based on user response that can increase the conversion of the web solution.


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ETOS Manager

Programsko orodje za upravljanje in vzdrževanje stavb


ETOS Control

Spletna rešitev za povezavo med upraviteljem, IoT napravami, zunanjimi storitvami in uporabniki


ETOS Manager

Celovit program za upravljanje nepremičnin in omogoča enostavno razdelitev stroškov. Vsebuje preko 60 različnih šifrantov in omogoča različne opcije razdelitve. Vodenje vhodnih in izhodnih plačil, ter saldakontov. Program pokriva vsa področja, ki zajemajo upravljanje in je enostaven za uporabo.

ETOS Control

Stavbno računovodstvo je storitev namenjena upravniškim podjetjem in stanovanjskim skupnostim. Poskrbimo za samodejno razdelitev stroškov, omogočimo uporabo spletnega portala in ponujamo storitev vodenja rezervnega sklada.

ETOS Operations

Komunikacijski portal med upravnikom in etažnimi lastniki, ki omogoča uporabnikom pregledovanje stroškov, e-glasovanje, e-oglasno desko, oddajanje pobud in omogoča enostavno naročanje del. Z uporabo INTEL home portala so vse glavne informacije na dosegu roke.

ETOS ERP Connect

Komunikacijski portal med upravnikom in etažnimi lastniki, ki omogoča uporabnikom pregledovanje stroškov, e-glasovanje, e-oglasno desko, oddajanje pobud in omogoča enostavno naročanje del. Z uporabo INTEL home portala so vse glavne informacije na dosegu roke.