ETOS Operations

Comprehensive Project Manager, design to track and lead Operations and Maintenance.

Advanced organizer for maintenance of all types of buildings

The ETOS software solution enables the administrator to have a comprehensive overview of all open works for individual buildings. Workers also have an overview of the assigned jobs and all technical documentation on their site. Through the ETOS ERP Connect module, completed and confirmed work orders are automatically transferred to the payout. In combination with the ETOS Control online solution, building users have a real-time overview of the current and past work on the building (repairs, investments, finishing).

Event calendar

All events in the organizer are imported into the event calendar. In the calendar, the user can create groups of events (investment, maintenance, meetings ...).

Automatically forwarding invitations

By entering an event in the organizer, invitations to join the event are automatically sent to all parties involved (workers, representatives of owners, supervisors ..)

Electronic work orders

The building manager creates an electronic work order, which is accessible to the selected contractor through his access to the organizer, while the building's users monitor the workflow through the ETOS Control solution.

Supervision of the course of works
The system monitors all open tasks and shows the state of performance on the control panel, reminds you of the approaching deadlines, and alerts you when performance is delayed.

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Individual business models tailored to your needs

By integrating ETOS system solutions, we create an individual business model that suits your building or group of buildings that you manage as a manager or maintenance provider. We are experts in implementing software solutions for all types of buildings: single-family, multi-storey, business, shopping centers, holiday resorts, residential neighborhoods …

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