ETOS Manager

Online tool for complete Facility Management and Maintenance.

Manage and maintain any type of building

ETOS Manager enables automatic import and distribution of all invoices from suppliers, payment tracking, billing and invoice creation, leasing management, care taking of investing funds, managing maintenance, renovations, projects and comprehensive analytics

Complete solution for building accounting 
Cost distribution, redistribution, billing and making complicated formulas work with ease and precise. Track payments, account payable and receivables.

Comprehensive payments management
Account payable and receivable, tracking payments, automatic closing of received and issued invoices - tracking events and export of tax reports.

Take care of investment funds and maintenance funds with ease
Track funds for single building or complexes and manage it with ease.

Automatic assignment of receivables or factoring
The system allows automatic payment of suppliers according to Article 71 of the SZ-1 with the assignment of receivables and also enables the automatic management of the purchase of receivables - factoring.

Completely online solution.

All information about your real estate are collected in one place.

ETOS Manager is a web-based tool that is compatible with all devices connected to the network, managed by a computer or mobile device.

Tailored solutions, perfect for your needs

By integrating ETOS system solutions, we create an individual business model that suits your building or group of buildings that you manage as a owner or maintenance provider. We are experts in implementing software solutions for all types of buildings: single-family, multi-storey, business, shopping centers, holiday resorts, residential neighborhoods …

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Advanced functionality

Simple user experience
The program for working with buildings and cost distribution is easy to use, despite its modularity and numerous functionalities. The input of the data is optimized, the system remembers the past work of the user, which prevents the unnecessary repetition of clicking and entering the already entered data, procedures and settings.

Management of customer and supplier balances
The system has a separate module for managing trade receivables and liabilities to suppliers. It allows you to manually or automatically close the invoices received and issued from pre-financing, debit management, direct payment to suppliers via automatic export of received transfers (Article 71). Complete analysis of buildings, periods, types of customers and suppliers is provided.

The distribution of costs was never easier
The program allows many pre-installation procedures for cost sharing by building, entrances, building groups (neighborhood, business zones). At the first breakdown, determine the split keys and the procedure, then the division takes place completely automatically. You can easily customize stored procedures at any time. With a number of prints and graphics, you have a constant overview of the object's economy.

Management of reserves and voluntary funds
For a single building or group of buildings, the creation of a reserve fund and any voluntary funds is possible. The system also enables the establishment of a virtual backup fund for budget users (state, municipalities, companies). In the case of a loan for investment work, the system maintains a reserve fund and a record of borrowers. It is possible to automatically use funds from each fund according to predefined types of costs and it records the inflows to the reserve fund by third parties, for example, Eco fund.

Reading and automatic counting of meters

The system, based on the state of the meters, calculates and distributes the costs of entered invoices among users. In combination with the ETOS Control solution, it is possible to connect IoT devices to the network and to automatically capture data from the consumption meters.

Automatic issuing of reminders and charging interest

Depending on the currency of the invoices issued, the system itself creates a reminder and charges default interest according to the preset parameters.

Automatically print a report of work of the administrator
In the system, you can easily create a report on the manager's work according to the pre-set templates for each object, the system automatically generates a report based on the building, the period and the users.

We grow with you
With solutions, we completely adapt to the needs and capabilities of the company. After analyzing your activity, we propose the most optimal set of solutions. With the growth of needs, the number of employees or a set of buildings, we adapt to changing requirements.

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