ETOS Control

Smart online tool connecting Facility Manager, IoT devices, external services and end users. 

Web portal with many useful functionality

The ETOS Control software solution enables the automatic transfer of redistributed invoices and other documents from the ETOS Manager to the web portal. It allows the users of the building to overview the costs, insights into the work of the building manager and it is also a communication tool through which the users communicate with the manager and other users of the building. Functionality maintenance simplifies upkeep and repair for users, while the manager of the building with the offer of services, also in individual parts of the building, improves his service and thus approaches the users. A special module for connecting IoT devices offers many advanced functionalities such as remote device management, reporting and debugging, displaying the calculation of device utilization, charging by the actual state of the meter …

Communication tool

We connect and combine buildings into a community. Users of buildings in the system are interconnected to the internal social network.

Collecting offers - ordering services and products

With a single click, you can get offers from verified providers and ensure the purchase of quality services and products at competitive prices.

Electronic confirmation of decisions

Users in buildings with multiple owners (residential buildings, residential neighborhoods, shopping centers) can electronically decide and confirm the execution of works.

Remote device management

Through the ETOS Control system, you can control all devices in the building connected to the network (IoT): lights, blinds, heating, cooling, ventilation, security ...

Reporting and preventing troubles on devices

Preventive display of a list of potential failures and malfunctions of devices connected to the network (IoT).

Displaying device utilization calculations

A system with a continuous conversion of network-connected devices (IoT) optimizes the management of the building and provides you with analytics.

Completely online solution.

All information about your real estate is collected in one place.

ETOS Control is a web portal through which the user can access all information and manage devices connected to the network – anytime, anytime.

Individual business models tailored to your needs

By integrating ETOS system solutions, we create an individual business model that suits your building or group of buildings that you manage as an owner or maintenance provider. We are experts in implementing software solutions for all types of buildings: single-family, multi-story, business, shopping centers, holiday resorts, residential neighborhoods …

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  • local or remote device management,
  • display of device performance,
  • reporting and preventive errors,
  • automatic calculation of energy consumption,
  • analysis of errors, consumption and maintenance costs,
  • connection with green energy systems (solar power plant).


  • automatic import of all building costs,
  • analytical monitoring of costs and payments,
  • paying costs via webpages,
  • real cost billing according to IoT data,
  • automatic calculation of the economic investment ROI.


  • automatic import of tenders for investment-maintenance works,
  • archive of warranty, legal and other documents,
  • archive of concluded contracts with suppliers of energy products, services …,
  • archive of adopted decisions and confirmed investments,
  • archive of concluded insurance and all insurance claims.

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