Smart Buildings Platform

Smart Buildings Platform brings together the best, state-of-the-art, customized micro solutions and IoT solutions into one API economy supported solution.

Software interface between the administrator, users, IoT devices, and service providers

ETOS Smart Buildings Platform is based on our own user management solutions, building maintenance, electronic investment decisions, mass billing with the ability to manage payments across multiple users with different key divisions. Through digital interfaces, we connect IoT devices and ETOS software solutions into an interoperable network that meets the various needs of the market.

Smart Buildings Platform consists

with following solutions

ETOS Control

ETOS Control enables automatic transfer of invoices and other documents from ETOS Manager to the web portal. The connection of IoT devices via digital interfaces allows remote device management, reporting and preventive troubleshooting, displaying device performance calculation, charging by actual meter status …


ETOS Manager

The program for work with buildings and cost distribution is easy to use, despite its modularity and numerous functionalities. The input of the data is optimized, the system remembers the past work of the user, which prevents the unnecessary repetition of clicking and entering the already entered data, procedures and settings.


ETOS Operations

ETOS Operator provides a comprehensive overview of all open works for an individual building. Workers also have an overview of the assigned parts and all technical documentation on their site.


ETOS ERP Connect

Completed and confirmed work orders are automatically transferred to the payout through the ETOS ERP Connect module.


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