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We are a team of specialists with an extensive and in-depth knowledge of programming, custom development, system integration, business development and implementation. We are Experts in web application frameworks and development: Angular Js, React, Ext Js, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Delphi, various SQL databases, Microsoft development framework.

IT Business Optimization

IT Business Optimization enables companies to exceed in organization, reduce operating costs and increase competitiveness and profits. We analyze the company’s operations and organization, prepare an implementation plan for changes, develop the necessary information solutions and guide the process of re-organization and electronization of operations. The end result is to increase company’s revenue, lower operating costs and increase your users’ satisfaction.


System integration

As a system integrator with our own in-house development, we are specialized in bringing together the customized components and adjusted solutions into one company – fit solution. With an implementation of complementary products from our trusted partners, we provide solutions for the autonomous management of all types of buildings (one-dwelling, multi-dwelling, residential neighborhoods, office buildings, commercial parks, industrial plants …). Solutions are complete and additionally to administrative work smartness as they enable remote device management, reporting and preventive troubleshooting, displaying the efficiency calculation of devices, charging data from IoT devices.


Custom Development

With our wide range of know-how, we build a tailor-made solution. We guide the customer through all phases of a custom developed project – from the business analysis of requirements, through the solution designing and drafting of specifications, to the implementation, introduction and maintenance of the final solution. We are flexible and we truly adjust our solution to fit customers needs.  Our development skills include the latest web technologies: Angular Js, React, Ext Js, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Delphi, SQL databases, Microsoft environment.



We are one of the leading in web technologies, databases and automation.

We have placed ourselves among the most important with the competence, precision and knowledge of our employees.

We are led by quality, excellence and enthusiasm, on which our business success is based.


Web technology



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